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Welcome to GenerationEx. This weekly (ok, when I feel like it) blog is for anyone who is going through a divorce, recovering from one, considering one, or fantasizing about one (I will start the humor here). It also is for the smart single people who listened to the voice in their head and haven’t yet – or never will – get married.

Hopefully GenerationEx will provide a brief escape from the drama, a sense of community, and most importantly – a laugh.

Maybe its just in my head, but as I embarked on my  journey, I was overwhelmed by the number of other people who were going through a divorce, a break up, or a generation life upheaval. (Yes I am an actual Generation X’er which means I grew up with a Barbie Dream House, and I dreamed about the White Picket Fence. Getting married and having a family and starting a career – was all part of the plan.)

If you want to comment on the blogs, share your stories, send me a note or ask for advice – please email me at GenerationExGirl@GenerationEx.com.


GenerationExGirl “Gen”

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