Singles Servings – Green, Eggs, and Ham

Green Eggs

Here is another quick and easy meal.  This one is great to impress the overnight guest, treat yourself when there is none, help a hangover, or teach your kids the proper way to start the day.


The ‘Green’ – 1 Avocado sliced (or spinach)

The ‘Eggs” – 4 large eggs

The ‘Ham’ – 4 slabs of thick Applewood Smoked Bacon

4 slices of sourdough bread (long slices)

4 slices of Gruyere cheese

4 slices of American cheese

4 Russet potatoes peeled

Truffle salt


Grate the peeled clean potatoes with a cheese grater and set aside (but not too long or they brown.)

Cook the Applewood Smoked Bacon slabs in a frying pan until crispy.  Set aside on paper towel to drain. Fry the grated potatoes in the bacon grease at a high enough temperature to brown them.  Sprinkle with truffle salt.  Then flip them over and brown the other side.  Trufflize the other side. Keep pressing with spatula to make a giant pan-sized hash brown patty. When both sides are brown, lower heat and finish cooking in covered pan or move to oven and bake at 350.

Start cooking 4 eggs to taste. (Basted or fried works best.) For the sandwiches, place the four slices of bread on a flat surface to make 2 sandwiches.  For each sandwich, place the 2 slices of Gruyere on one piece (taking up the entire piece of bread, ok to overlap) and do the same with the American cheese slices on the other piece of the bread.  Place two eggs on top of one side of the bread and top with 2 bacon strips.  Add the sliced Avocado (or steamed spinach if not in season.) Top with the other piece of bread (with cheese intact.)

Grill on the Panini maker until bread is browned with grill marks and cheese is melted.  If you don’t have one, buy one. Krups and Williams Sonoma (Breville) make the best ones.

Slice the sandwich in half (between the two eggs) and plate with a portion of hash browns.

Serve with a mimosa of course.

Good Morning!






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