Superwoman Cape for Sale

For 20 years I have worn the pants… AND the cape.  1992 was the year I was promoted to Marketing Director at my first Big-Girl job, and my role as Superwoman began.  I had always been independent, but it was official.  At 23 I had a bigger paycheck than my father had ever had.  By 28 I owned my first home.  By 30 I was the president of my own little but successful company, had an MBA, and had run my first marathon.  Go me!  Wearing that cape with pride, I continued to soar. I treated my parents and friends and boyfriends to elaborate trips – first class no less.  I bought important pieces of jewelry, and had a sassy wardrobe under the cape.  I continued to check off the boxes.  Vice President of a fortune 500 company at 30.  Made (but didn’t save) my first million.  Married at 35 – check! Had the prodigal son immediately after – check! Bought my fifth house (nicest one yet) – check! And then, well it all went to hell.  My marriage deteriorated along with the economy, reducing the paycheck by half, taking my stock options with it.  The real estate market claimed all of the equity built up from the previous home purchases and then some.  2012 is not as I imagined. (My guess is I’m not alone in this feeling).  Gone are the husband and the house and the ability to buy a Prada dress whenever I feel like it. Gone are the spontaneous weekends at a Ritz and a habit of buying expensive jewelry in Italy. I now order beer sometimes when I’m out because it’s half the price of wine. I am cognizant of the great deals on dinners during happy hour (smart marketers ditched the term ‘early bird’). And you know what? I am the luckiest girl I know.  I have an amazing kid, a job I really enjoy, a loving family, a garden of beautiful friends, a promising relationship, and other than normal wear and tear – a healthy body that can still run a marathon (or at least a half). So, if anyone is interested, I have a gorgeous, expensive superwoman cape that I no longer need. It is in pristine condition, and despite the surplus of them 20 years ago, they are very hard to find.  Willing to trade for wine, or free to a loving home.

05. July 2012 by GenerationExGirl
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