The Next Chapter

Sorry for the silence.. I’ve had a writer’s block of sorts – literally and figuratively trying to write my next chapter. Divorce, like any mistake, is an opportunity to grow. So as I look forward, I reflect on my marriage and wonder “how did I fuck it up so royally?” (Sorry Dad for the curse, but sometimes it’s the best descriptor). If you ask anyone who is going through a divorce or ending a long term relationship, nine out of ten times their answer is “HE cheated” or “SHE was a bitch/crazy”. Usually, the reason is simply – “The ONE”….wasn’t. “Til death do us part” was over optimistic.  Infidelity and other indiscretions are generally just symptoms of a relationship that ran its course. Instead of focussing on what went wrong, we need to shift our energy to “What’s next?”  If you believe movie theories like Serendipity, The Adjustment Bureau or any other fate-based film, we are at best, a contributor/editor to our own stories.  Maybe my next chapter has already been written for me, or perhaps it will evolve out of my newly earned experience.  Either way – I can’t wait to read it.

07. May 2012 by GenerationExGirl
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