New Attitude and Due Gratitude

I have been dark (absent not moody) for the past two weeks because I have been draped in the denouement of my divorce. The papers are signed, and a chapter is ending. And more importantly, thanks to the following people, a new one is beginning…

My single friends:
Thank you for bringing wine, wiping tears, taking my calls, calling me out, taking me out, and making single parenting a team effort. I love you, I owe you.

My married friends:
Thank you for letting me be the third wheel. For the third glass. For putting up with me. For putting me up. For setting me up. For reminding me it does exist.

My therapist:
I never thought I’d need you. Wrong. Thanks for letting me know it was all normal. And that nothing is.

My lawyer:
Thank you for carrying me through this. For carrying my bills when I couldn’t. For talking me off the ledge, and on to it. For being on my side. I won’t miss the acid stomach from your calls and emails, but I will honestly miss you.

His lawyer:
Thank you. For nothing. As I move towards a peaceful existence with my ex, I transfer all voodoo pins to your doll.

My family:
For understanding that it was time for Julie the Cruise Director to quit.

His family:
For taking the high road.

The men I dated:
For letting me feel like/be a girl.

And my kid:
For being so grown up before you had to, and knowing instinctively when it was time to put your little arm around me, instead of the other way around. And for proving to me that funny is a dominant gene.


10. April 2012 by GenerationExGirl
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