Downsizing After Divorce

I will admit it. Since I moved out of what court documents refer to as “the former matrimonial home”, I miss my house.  And my stuff. I poured myself (and money) into every detail to make it our home. I suppose I was nesting.  Now, like many of my newly single friends (male and female), I am out of my nest living in a rental – half the size, with half of my stuff, and half of my kid (or timeshare as they are legally referred to). I am convinced that divorce has helped spike the rental market, while ex-couples need one (or two) places to live while their ex-homes are on the still declining market. Dwelling in digs subpar to college living can be humbling, even humiliating. The notion of the nest is one of the reasons a wedding is appealing (at least to women). Imagine if all of the “stuff” was removed from the marriage equation? No reception, no open bar, no dress, no gifts, no photo album, no rings, no honeymoon. Just a legally binding contract to be tied to the other person and mutual offspring until death or divorce do you part. Would couples commit more cautiously? Marriage can be magic when it is with the right person for the right reasons. But the material things are well, immaterial. The moral is: When considering getting married – whether its the first, second, or you’ve lost count – do it for love, because it can be costly.  And the only thing more expensive than marriage? Divorce.

11. March 2012 by GenerationExGirl
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