Divorce the Delicious Disaster

Divorce can best be categorized by the seven deadly sins. Some disastrous, some delicious. Trust me, I could disgorge on the disaster part, but I promised not to be bitter. So I will leave Wrath, Greed and Envy neatly in the disaster drawer. What could possibly be delicious about divorce you ask? Divorce offers plenty of Pride. Pride in knowing you can make it on your own. Knowing you can get through it even though there were times when you were absolutely sure you couldn’t. Knowing you can be an even better single parent than when you were married – because you are finally happy. Gluttony is a delicious side dish of divorce. Copious amounts of wine which not only taste delightful, but numb the pain. Bloody Marys for breakfast. Guilt-free nights out with friends at expensive restaurants (or dive bars). Cooking dinner for yourself and eating whatever the hell you want. (Once the I-want-to-vomit-can’t-eat phase ends). Cereal for dinner – in front of the TV? Heaven. Lust is a no-brainer. What could be yummier? Flirting again. Falling in love again. Finding sex again…and again and again. Sloth is the deliciousness of sleeping in on Sunday, and snuggling with your kid (or your new someone special). Taking up the “whole god-damned bed” and stealing ALL of the sheets. Slugging on the couch reading guilty pleasures with your iPod blasting songs your ex hated. Sometimes it even means writing a blog in your pajamas at noon with no one calling you lazy ass. Yes indeed, divorce can be delicious.

06. February 2012 by GenerationExGirl
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