The Single Stocking

Anyone who is divorced, or single, or has suffered any type of loss will tell you with no uncertainty – the holidays blow. There are strange little reminders such as a “Mom” stocking with no “Dad” stocking. Or the other way around.  Attending holiday parties alone is always a joy and a recipe for being over-served. If you have kids, you may have the added custody complication of not being with your children for Christmas. And that reality my friend I can tell you, stings like hell. Married friends say “You can go off somewhere exotic by yourself or with friends!” But I won’t. I can’t. My reasons range from sadness to guilt to finances to the reality that showing up at a Four Seasons to watch happy families frolich in the pool may just send me over the edge. So I have been partaking in little pre-holiday-pity-parties with some of my divorced friends to commiserate about how much the holidays fucking suck. Until…Friday I was at lunch with a newly and optimistically married friend and began to spew my anti-Santa-sentiments. She looked as though she might cry and said apologetically, “I’m really excited about the holidays and about being married. I’m sorry.” Suddenly I felt like the Grinch staring at sad little Cindy-Lou-Who. I thought to myself…”Misery loves company…but company does NOT love Misery”.  So I am officially hanging up the Grinch and the Scrooge hats and putting on a new attitude. I think its going to fit perfectly.

12. December 2011 by GenerationExGirl
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