Peanut Butter and Jelly

I am the poster child for the sandwich generation. I’m caring for a young (awesome) kid and my aging (wonderful) parents who are both in their late eighties. One fell last holiday season, one this year. If you have an older parent (or grandparent), you know what the impact (no pun intended) of a fall can be. I strongly recommend not eating Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in a nursing home (or as my son calls it “the smelly place”). Best holiday weight loss plan EVER. I find myself having conversations about these experiences with my other divorced (and non divorced) friends who seem to be going through the same thing. Falls, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Strokes, Cancer… just to name a few. Neurologists, Oncologists, and Cardiologists, oh my! So during one of these conversations, my son heard me use the “sandwich generation” term and asked me what it meant. I explained how he was one piece of bread and my parents were the other. He pondered on the topic and then asked, “So are you the peanut butter or the jelly?” I then realized that I am not only a single parent, now I’m a single daughter. I lost my jelly. So I told him “I guess I am both. I’m the peanut butter AND the jelly”. He smiled and said, “Wow. You are lucky”. Yes, I guess I really am.

20. December 2011 by GenerationExGirl
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